VapeCrisis.Org provides a variety of services to both the community and professionals alike ranging from education, advocacy and prevention to cessation programs, community based wellness education events and professional unification summits that amplify the efforts of first responders and medical professionals.

Please select from the following pages to learn more about how VapeCrisis.Org can serve you and/or your community.

  • Advocacy: VapeCrisis.Org organizes, empowers and enhances community safety by advocating for stronger policies, procedures and laws that protect our children and consumers from deceptive and/or otherwise influential advertising techniques, in addition to preventing manufacturers from using harmful compounds, components and carriers to deliver their vape products.  For more on Advocacy, please click here.
  • Education: F  For more on Education, please click here.
  • Prevention: An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of LUNGS! Seriously, vaping related lung illness is no laughing matter. Lung damage can be irreparable and the intense suffocation feeling may never stop.  VapeCrisis.org deploys a variety of programs and measures to ensure people have access to prevention education. For more on Prevention, please click here.
  • Unification: Together, we can make a bigger impact. VapeCrisis.Org unifies and amplifies Vape Crisis response efforts by bridging the gaps between; the community, those making the laws, and those treating the sick, to save more lungs, and more lives. For more on Unification, please click here.
  • Cessation: Quitting isn’t easy, For more on Cessation, please click here.

About VapeCrisis.Org

VapeCrisis.Org is a member of the Vape Crisis Task Force (VCTF), and is fiscally sponsored by Compassion Center, a 501(c)(3) public charity management services organization (FEIN: 27-0014579) dedicated to professional education, advocacy and healthcare innovations that serve the underserved and disadvantaged.

Community Education Programs:

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