About Us

About Us:

VapeCrisis.Org was established by concerned parents, medical professionals and community leaders with a broad-range mission of saving lungs and lives through the development and delivery of effective education, advocacy and targeted prevention campaigns.

With a laser focus on saving lungs and lives, VapeCrisis.Org’s core mission is educating our kids instead of manipulating, controlling or gas-lighting them. VapeCrisis.Org empowers the next generation of consumers with the tools necessary to make healthier decisions and live healthier lives – unlike our parents’ and our generations did for us. Without judgement or undue grief,  professionally trained coordinators and educators take a compassionate approach to education, prevention and cessation, providing everything from one on one consultations to group presentations on wellness and healthier lifestyle habits.  Together, we can save lungs and lives, before it’s too late.

VapeCrisis.Org strategically partnered with Vape Check Certified and the Vape Crisis Task Force educators to create an online platform: Vaping Crisis Education (https://vapingcrisis.education). Vaping Crisis Education provides mobile/online education programs geared towards the consumer and the next generation. From gamification to social media engagement, VapeCrisis.Org takes education, prevention and cessation to all new levels, targeting and empowering audiences with knowledge, tools and support.

VapeCrisis.Org is fiscally sponsored by Compassion Center, a 501(c)(3) public charity [FEIN: 27-0014579] providing tax-deductible receipts for cash and in-kind donations that empower and/or support; VapeCrisis.Org, VapingCrisis.Education or any related program/entity.


Compassion Center’s Board of Trustees and the Office of Accountability and Transparency provide oversight, accountability standards and assurance of program transparency in addition to maintaining compliance with local, state and federal laws.  For more information on Compassion Center or the Office of Accountability & Transparency, please visit: https://compassion-center.org

VapeCrisis.Org is administratively managed by MSO+ (https://msoplus.com), a division of Compassion Center, in cooperation with various administrators, educators, coordinators, research experts and advocates located around the United States.

Headquartered in Portland Oregon, VapeCrisis.Org operates a national network of educators, advocates and prevention coordinators that deliver program directly to the community. 

For more information on VapeCrisis.Org, please email: contact@vapecrisis.org

About VapeCrisis.Org

VapeCrisis.Org is a member of the Vape Crisis Task Force (VCTF), and is fiscally sponsored by Compassion Center, a 501(c)(3) public charity management services organization (FEIN: 27-0014579) dedicated to professional education, advocacy and healthcare innovations that serve the underserved and disadvantaged.

Community Education Programs:

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