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Furthermore, According to the Truth Initiative, a trusted resource, youth e-cigarette Usage and Vaping rose An Astonishing 1,800% from 2011 to 2019..

According to the US Government (NCBI), Reporting may be majorly skewed too as a result of misdiagnosis – as many local healthcare systems continue to grapple with ongoing COVID-19 related breakdowns. in some cases, staffing shortages and gaps in understanding are leading to the miscategorization of Emergency Room cases that come through the door – something VapeCrisis.Org and the Vape Crisis Task Force are working to improve.


To step to the plate and do our part on behalf of our children and fellow community members, a group of concerned parents, researchers and medical professionals created VapeCrisis.Org to join the Vape Crisis Task Force and be change we all need to see. Today, VapeCrisis.Org is your one-stop shop for truly unbiased advocacy and education related to vaping and vaping products. Neither the Vape Crisis Task Force, nor VapingCrisis.Org is connected to any vaping company, brand or otherwise.

Regardless if you consider it right or wrong, the reality is, people are going to vape, so we might as well learn and teach all there is to know about vaping so we can all better understand our options to make an informed decision on our habits, regardless if they are good or bad for us.

“VapeCrisis.Org teaches how the vape crisis and EVALI*/VAPI* is currently affecting our children, teens and young adults, and the communities in which we all live in so we can all live longer, healthier lives. Now that’s a noble cause we can get behind. Everyone knows a child that has been impacted by the long-term effects of vaping.”
– J.B. Creel,  Compassion Center

VapeCrisis.Org isn’t saying people shouldn’t vape, no. In fact, we feel that people should be able to do whatever it is that brings them joy, as long as it isn’t hurting themselves, or others around them. 

However, we feel people should be fully educated on the products they are purchasing, vaping and consuming – so they may be empowered to readily and effectively differentiate between legitimate products and knock-offs, and even be able to recognize other dangerous products and keep them away from our kids.

To Address A Rising Community Health Crisis and Growing Concern,
Parents, Healthcare Professionals, Researchers and Leadership Formed
VapeCrisis.Org As A Strategic Response To Educating Consumers:
VapeCrisis.Org provides education through a variety of channels ranging from online to both in-person and virtual. Providing incentive-based and merit-based options to fit the personality of the audience, VapeCrisis.Org seeks to save lungs and lives in the process.
To Reach A National Audience, and Expand Education Programs,
VapeCrisis.Org Has Strategically Partnered With The Following:
Integrative Providers Association (IPA), a National 501(c)(6) Medical Association Based In Washington D.C., Specializing  in Advocacy, Education and Unification of Healthcare Providers.
To Obtain Fiscal Sponsorship As A 501(c)(3) Public Charity Organization,
VapeCrisis.Org Has Strategically Partnered With The Following Charity:

Compassion Center is a 501(c)(3) Public Charity Management Services Organization, Headquartered in Oregon, Founded in 2001 to Provide Professional Education, Patient Advocacy and Healthcare Innovations That Serve Underserved, Disadvantaged and Categorically Complex Patients.

Through Compassion Center, VapeCrisis.Org qualifies as a 501(c)(3) Public Charity Organization. Therefore 100% of ALL Business-Based Donations are 100% Tax-Deductible – While Only A Percentage of Personal Donations are Tax-Deductible per US Tax Code. Please check with your financial advisor or Tax Preparer about the specifics related to your particular case. 

Addressing A Growing Concern

Once people are fully educated and informed, we believe they’ll naturally do what’s best for them, their families and their communities.

person imitate emotional top, vaping in helmut The problem is all-encompassing however, isolated in smaller pockets of extremists who seem to take a counter-approach to what even die hard cowboys and lifelong cigarette smokers strive to achieve: cutting back on their intake.

While cigarette smokers try to smoke one less cigarette every now and then, many vaping enthusiasts go to great lengths to consume more vapor, blow larger clouds, and in the process, consume an excessive amount of nicotine. It’s too early to tell what the long-term build-up-related effects are going to be from this phenomena, however, look up neonicotinoids and consider the facts about heavy concentrations of nicotine, all for yourself.

When our kids don’t even associate blueberry or grape vapes with nicotine in the first place – we have a major problem. It’s no secret either, one (1) vape pod, or device, typically contains 20 or more cigarettes worth of nicotine – making these products some of the most addictive and concentrated consumer nicotine products on the market.

Yet vapes are commonly marketed as a better, safer and less-toxic alternative to the cigarette, or smoking cigars. Vapes are regularly suggested as a solution for quitting cigarettes, cigars and/or smokeless tobacco, however, is the exchange of one for another really in our best interest in the end? These deceptive marketing techniques do great for the bottom line, however, they imply a level of safety for vapes that simply isn’t there to begin with.[/caption]

A Lingering Crisis: While COVID-19 has been the main health topic dominating mainstream media in recent past, prior to the emergence of the Coronavirus, vaping deaths and double lung-transplants were taking the headlines, and the futures of our children and young adults all across America.

In the past, even heavily regulated, and otherwise “compliant”, vape manufacturers have been known to market formulas and packaging that makes them more appealing to children and teens including; grape, blueberry and WTF? This type of teen-targeted marketing madness has got to stop – our futures and the future of our children hinges on us finding a solution to this crisis, and sticking to it.

To achieve our mission, VapeCrisis.Org has taken a hard stand to do our part by strategically partnering with the Integrative Providers Association, Compassion Center International, the Vape Crisis Task Force and the Center for Incubation & Findings Research to investigate the root causes of the problem, form a conclusion, create and develop a viable plan and implement that plan for the sake of our kids, because if not us, who? Will you help us take a stand?

To date, there have been some advancements in both State and Federal legislative sessions to address the vaping crisis and regulate vape products, however, it’s been a steep uphill battle that is taking on larger issues but only making smaller advancements – due to the overwhelming influence of the vape lobby on lawmakers – so there is a noticeably long way to go.

Please remember, new laws and healthcare guidelines are great, but they are just a start to addressing the problem, as we still have to triage, educate and rehabilitate those with the lung injuries, and if they wish to quit, we must then help align them with the tools and resources necessary to overcome their new nicotine addiction, a truly rigorous task all in itself for all involved. We have to teach our kids and peers how to do better – so they know better, and can be better.

Our Most Urgent Need: Now that schools are returning to in-person learning, our kids are going to be heading back into a vortex of peer-based influence with both emotion and depression resonating from the lockdown, adding contributing factors – so it’s high time for VapeCrisis.Org members to get busy educating and advocating for a better tomorrow.

Will you help us? VapeCrisis.Org Members can throw a party, teach a class, or take part in one or more of our professionally coordinated programs meant to prevent lung-injury. There can never be too many minds on the subject, or boots on the ground, let’s do this. Our children, teens and young adults need your help, and quite honestly, VapeCrisis.Org needs your help, too.

In the coming months, we will be asking for your assistance in rasing both awareness and funds by hosting both education and outreach events – as well as events meant to raise funds and/or host roundtables with lawmakers.

VapeCrisis.Org has strategically partnered with the Integrative Providers Association, a National association of educators and providers to expand vape education and empower local coordinators to spot the signs in time to make a measurable difference so that our children have a better chance at a future.

While struggling, the American healthcare system has pioneered the first double-lung transplant in history – as a direct result of vaping. However, if one thinks about it, of all the cigarette and cigar smokers we know, even the ones who have been smoking for decades, how many have ever needed a single lung transplant? We are sure there are some out there as there are exceptions to every rule, however, vaping is relatively new to the scene compared to cigarettes.

VapeCrisis.Org is not here to tell you not to vape, quite the contrary. We are here to tell you what you are vaping, how you are vaping and what it is doing to your body, that way users can make informed decisions based on facts, not speculation or peer pressure.

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VapeCrisis.Org is a member of the Vape Crisis Task Force (VCTF), and is fiscally sponsored by Compassion Center, a 501(c)(3) public charity management services organization (FEIN: 27-0014579) dedicated to professional education, advocacy and healthcare innovations that serve the underserved and disadvantaged.

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